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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who loves ya baby?

Today being swimming day, it will come as no surprise to be told that Joseph and I were at the swimming pool.

We swam, he learnt, he was good, we got out, showered and dried and we got dressed. While I was putting his shoes on for him – not something I always do but watching him try to negotiate putting his socks on amongst the puddles is heartbreaking and far quicker for me to do myself – he made the comment which prompted this post.

“I can see your head!”

I looked up to catch his slightly confused expression, furrowed brow and thumb poised in front of mouth.

I looked down, smiling.

“What? Through my hair?” I reply.

“Yeah. Why is that?” he asks.

“Because I’m getting old Poops. I’m losing my hair”.

He digests this information and then says, confidently, “when I get old, I’m not gonna lose my hair”.

It reminded me of this terrific scene when Bart Simpson spills Homers’ hair restorer tonic and laughs out loud about it.

Barely containing his rage, Homer turns on Bart and informs him that “hair loss is hereditary”.

Well, I hope you’re right Poops.

Well, the bank holiday weekend stretches out before us like a ………. big, stretched out thing and I can't wait as .. I ... will .... be ……………… decorating.



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